Acer Predator X27: Awesome gaming monitor!

There are news that a big event was held at last night (April 27) in New York, and Acer announced many products which includes gaming laptops to smartwatch. List is very long, mentioning few products such as Acer Swift 1, Acer Swift 2, Acer Predator Series, smartwatch and many more. Let’s review one of the product here which is Acer Predator X27.


Amazon Echo Look: A Voice controlled camera

Amazon has introduced a new line- Amazon Echo look camera. Novelty called Echo Look supporting voice assistant Alexa, which in addition to shooting can distribute master tips.

Amazon Echo Look is a 5-megapixel camera with built-in flash, which stands at home and constantly listens to user commands. A person can ask for a voice device to take a photo. You can also watch the live broadcast from the camera in a mobile application, if desired.