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Intel Core i5 8550U performance test, four real cores and low power consumption

The source have released a performance test of the Intel Core i5 8550U, a low-power processor based on the Coffee Lake architecture and will feature four real cores and eight threads thanks to HyperThreading technology, running at a base speed of 1.8 GHz in normal mode, although in theory can reach 3.69 GHz thanks to the turbo mode.


The Nokia 9 removes prominence to the Nokia 8, will have screen 18: 9

The official presentation of the Nokia 8 has been accompanied by new information on another smartphone top of the range to which we have already referred in previous articles, Nokia 9.

So far we believed that the Nokia 9 and Nokia 8 were the same smartphone and that these two names had been used by mistake, but now everything seems to point to two different terminals and the first could be the real “Flagship “of HMD Global, the firm that has marketing rights to Nokia smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 appears on Samsung’s official website

This time the leaks about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes from an official source, as the terminal has appeared prematurely in a listing on the website of the manufacturer, Samsung.

As we can see in the image the design is exactly the same as we had been seeing in previous leaks, which means that the images we have seen over the last few days are real and have shown us the terminal from all angles.