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PlayStation 5: Rumors about Release Date

An interesting study by the Japanese confirms what already indicated previous rumors, and is that PlayStation 5 will not reach the market until 2020, a date that seems very reasonable.

We say this because as we know Sony has made a major bet with PS4 Pro, an intergenerational renewal that came last year and that significantly improves the specifications of PS4.


Meizu Pro 7: Official Release Date

There is already a date for the launch of Meizu Pro 7. The new mobile will be presented on June 26. The smartphone will feature an electronic ink screen. It will be a high-end smartphone.

Meizu Pro 7 will be a new high-end smartphone that will be launched and will be a great option for users who want a high-end mobile, but do not want to spend the money that costs a Samsung Galaxy S8. The new mobile will include a second electronic ink screen on the back section of the mobile phone that would consume much less battery than the standard screen, and would be ideal for battery saving.


Review of the Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved: The coolest monitor

Officially unveiled monitor Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved, which was created and implemented exclusively for professionals who earn on some tasks that require high-quality equipment. For example, the monitor is recommended for those who mounts the video, working with photos or graphics editors, for exchange traders, even for office workers who need in multiple browser tabs open, or documents. In general, the product is really cool, it has many advantages and is suitable for professional activities.