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Apple iPad Pro 2017 beats the MacBook Pro 2017 in some tests

In this article, we saw an interesting reflection on the Apple iPad Pro 2017, a tablet aimed at the professional market that stands out for having a very powerful hardware configuration.

The most striking of the components it incorporates is the new Apple A10X SoC, a chip that mounts a 2.4 GHz six-core processor and a high-performance PowerVR graphics solution. Its 4 GB of RAM complete a very balanced set of specifications.


Apple iPhone 8: What would be actual design?

Prior to the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 8 has remained about three months, but not a day goes by that the network does not appear the new leak or rumor of “apple” flagship. According to numerous sources, this year Apple will launch three new smartphones: iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, which will become the heirs of the current models, and an entirely new Apple iPhone 8.


Apple iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus will not have LTE Gigabit modems

Although the new Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are planned for next September the Cupertino giant is in a difficult situation due to the supply of LTE Gigabit modems.

The Apple Company does not rely solely on a vendor of that component, but has relied on Qualcomm and Intel following a certain parity relationship. This means that both are the ones that supply the LTE modems to Apple, but the models of one and the other offer a different performance.


Apple iPhone 8 display will beat Galaxy S8 display

Foxconn factory workers are constantly delighted us with something new and interesting in relation to the Apple iPhone 8.

After all, the whole apple technique here and going, and therefore much more likely to get information about a product directly from the manufacturer. Thus, the novelty will receive a revolutionary display, but accurate data on the Apple iPhone 8 not as the company plans to release its head-mounted display in multiple colors and trim.