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This is the surprise that could hide the Apple iPhone 7S

Just a few weeks to the expected presentation of the new Apple iPhone, the surely called iPhone 8 (name still unconfirmed). But that day we will not only know the new smartphone with which the company of the apple will celebrate its tenth anniversary, but also two other models: the Apple iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus.


New details of the innovative home button of the Apple iPhone 8

Everyone is looking forward to the new Apple iPhone 8. That’s why it’s not uncommon for every day to reveal some new details about Apple’s new smartphone. A couple of days ago, a model of a housing for this mobile confirmed the absence of the classic central button to make way for a virtual. But not only that, but also include two cameras and 3D sensors, responsible for the expected facial recognition.


The announcement of Apple iPhone 8 can still take place in the usual terms

This week there were a lot of publications claiming that the announcement of Apple iPhone 8 will still take place in September 2017 and will not be postponed to a later date, as expected earlier.

Such a conclusion was made after insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, a Twitter account manager for @OnLeaks, said that the production of the eighth apple phone had already started, and the release was started strictly according to the planned schedule.


Apple iPhone 8 Glass Edition: A very interesting conceptual design

The guys from some source have posted images showing a conceptual design of Apple’s next top-of-the-range smartphone, which they have called the Apple iPhone 8 Glass Edition.

The design of that Apple iPhone 8 Glass Edition is much achieved and has a high degree of realism. At the same time it is very attractive, since that transparent glass finish that we see in the back gives a unique touch.


Will the Apple iPhone 8 also have a Plus version?

We have long known that Samsung Display is producing the OLED panels of the Apple iPhone 8 that will be released during the month of October, one of its main attractions. While Cupertino had previously estimated that Cupertino would release two versions of the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 8 commemorative phone, new information from South Korea says we will have two Apple iPhone 8s this year, the normal model and the Plus model.


New details about the camera Apple iPhone 8

The public is looking forward to the Apple iPhone 8, so even the slightest leakage of information about the gadget is taken with interest. Recently, the network found the first firmware for HomePod, so enthusiasts immediately found out curious data about the new generation of iPhone. On this, the developers decided not to stop and studied in detail other sections of the code, where they found unexpected details about the camera and the screen diagonal of the smartphone.