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Big Apple iPhone 8 Plus: Rumors about Release Date

Unfortunately, larger Apple iPhone 8 Plus is unlikely to see the light this year. Moreover, many experts doubt that it will be released at all ever, although not completely rule out the possibility.

At the moment, there are many arguments in favor of the fact that even out the usual Apple iPhone 8 will be postponed indefinitely for various reasons. What can we say then about more advanced Apple iPhone 8 Plus.


Apple iPhone 8 price can be same as Galaxy Note 8

Apple iPhone 8, the next smartphone that Apple is preparing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone, will surpass all the sales price records in the sector.

According to the Apple specialist and usual information filterer (usually with accuracy in his forecasts), John Gruber, an iPhone 8 with 64GB storage could be priced above $ 1,200, but will depend on the time of launch.