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LG 43UD79-B: Stunning 43-inch 4K monitor

LG 43UD79-B is the new model, LG has added to its extensive catalog of computer monitors. And hold on because it is large, very large, demanding a huge desk to accommodate the 108 cm that measures.

LG 43UD79-B offers a diagonal of 42.5 inches and a native resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels, with refresh rate of 60 Hz. An IPS panel with static contrast ratio is 1000: 1 and its brightness of 350 cd / M².


LG X Power 2: Too costly for its features

The vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers show some set of greatness but they begin to produce their products fairly mediocre and little overpriced. The same happened with the smartphone LG X Power 2 which has a very simple processor cores to eight, two gigabytes of memory and display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.


LG G4 Next Big Show to be packed with 8-Cores and 4K display

The market of smartphones is passing through a revolution where preposterous changes are coming to our smart hand devices. A smartphone is becoming more thinner and getting packed with blazing fast hardware to feature more security features, lightening speed gaming and Internet. In past three years, we have observed lots of amazing changes in the graphics and display of our smartphone. It started with normal graphic resolution to HD resolution then full HD resolution and now here comes the complete line up of 2K resolution devices and LG G3 is one of the example. In the beginning of 2014, one of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer brought 2K-resolution display revolution and major brands, as LG and Samsung were the first to have in their smart devices. LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are the live examples in the market. But now a question comes in all the technology lover brains’ that what would be the next generation display and resolution in the smartphone industry? Well, LG may have an answer with upcoming LG G4.


LG G3: The real big show coming soon

In the past two years, LG has made a big space in the heart of smartphone geeks. When it comes to Nexus series after Google, LG strikes our brain. Past two Nexus smartphones are only manufactured by LG and this year also, we might see Nexus 6 manufactured by LG. On other hand, if we talk about the top 10 smartphone of the market then LG G2 is one of the most popular smartphone that is in the top 3 smartphone. As per the specifications, it is best no doubt but the crown for being best phone might be snatched by upcoming beasts like Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5. We want to tell, LG will not lose the crown easily, after the arrival of S5, Z2 and other beasts, LG will launch its next beast the successor to LG G2 so called LG G3.  It seems like LG G series is going to beat other famous series smartphone in months if things will go like this.