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Meizu Pro 7: Official Release Date

There is already a date for the launch of Meizu Pro 7. The new mobile will be presented on June 26. The smartphone will feature an electronic ink screen. It will be a high-end smartphone.

Meizu Pro 7 will be a new high-end smartphone that will be launched and will be a great option for users who want a high-end mobile, but do not want to spend the money that costs a Samsung Galaxy S8. The new mobile will include a second electronic ink screen on the back section of the mobile phone that would consume much less battery than the standard screen, and would be ideal for battery saving.


Meizu Pro 7 image with electronic ink screen

We have a new filtered image of the Meizu Pro 7, a terminal with which the Chinese company promises to innovate in a market that as we know has become increasingly complicated.

This smartphone will position in the market of high range, although the really interesting thing is not its specifications neither its gross power but the screen of electronic ink that will integrate in the back part.


Meizu Pro 7: Smartphone with Dual Camera and secondary display

Rumors about the upcoming smartphone Meizu Pro 7 is rapidly filling network. More recently become a cause for discussions renderers, which was clearly visible auxiliary display on the back of device. But recently there have been several high-grade pictures are back of Meizu Pro 7 panels in red colors. The naked eye can see that information on the dual chamber and the secondary display the new Meizu confirmed.


Smartphone Meizu M5c: Specs, Release Date and Price

As promised, today announced the Meizu M5c – its new smartphone mid-budget class.

The device has received a polycarbonate body and as many as five variants of its colors: black, gold, red, blue and pink. Considering a bright color palette, and the small size and weight (unit weighs 135 g at a thickness of 8.3 mm), we can safely assume that the manufacturer of this apparatus is mainly aimed at by mods and ladies, who are more interested in appearance, not in a technical equipment. Do not get me wrong, not to say that the technical side of Meizu M5c is at all bad, but in this model, the emphasis is clearly made it to the exterior.