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Will we get to see a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini?

It is surely what many of the great N followers are waiting for. A Nintendo 64 Classic Mini that closes a circle that cannot be enlarged more, and according to the ball that have been both the NES Mini Classic and the Super Nintendo Mini Classic, why would not happen? It’s not hard to imagine. Given the idiosyncrasy of the Japanese company we could talk about 15 games, around 115 dollars.


Super Nintendo Mini Classic is official, will arrive in September with 21 games

It was an open secret and has finally been officially confirmed, the Super Nintendo Mini Classic will hit the market next September 29 and will follow the same approach we saw in the NES Mini Classic.

This means that it will have a compact size, that the controls will maintain the same design as the original console and will not be compatible with the cartridges. The games will therefore be pre-installed in the system and everything indicates that it will not be possible to expand catalog by official route.


Nintendo Super NES Classic Mini with 21 games: Release Date and Price

Nintendo has shared some details relating to the release of a compact console, Nintendo Super NES Classic Mini, which will run retro games on modern HD TVs. Connection is made via the HDMI interface. This is a slight modification of last year’s version of the NES Classic, which was extremely difficult to find for sale because of the limited supply capacity.


New Nintendo 2DS XL in 10 headlines: New Gaming console

New Nintendo 2DS XL is the new portable video game console from the Japanese company. It will be available in Europe and America on July 28 for $ 149.

The announcement of the new Nintendo 2DS XL console in full distribution stage of the Switch, has surprised the market. The possibilities in mobility of her by its hybrid concept and the fall of sale of portable consoles by the increase of intelligent mobiles, did not make suspect the launching of this New Nintendo 2DS XL.


Nintendo 2DS XL: Specs, Release date and Price

Nintendo has surprised with the presentation of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, a new portable gaming console that goes well beyond the current 2DS, but at a higher price.

It does not matter to Nintendo that the sales of portable consoles continue to fall as the smart mobile base continues to expand and with it, the mobile game. Nor has it minded the recent release of the Switch and its ability to play beyond the hall.