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OnePlus 5: first benchmark with high score

The marketing guys behind the OnePlus 5 has released a teaser that kicks off the launch of the Chinese smartphone’s new smartphone market, featuring the best features / price index.

“Hello 5”. Hey summer! Give me five, “says the first promotional image of OnePlus 5 published in the official account of the Weibo network. Little confirmation of the terminal was necessary but there we have it officially.


The first image: OnePlus 5 indicates the presence of the double main camera

Because of the “tetraphobia” (morbid fear of the number 4, prevalent mainly in East Asia, such as China, Japan and Korea), the next “killer flagship” of the Chinese company will be called OnePlus 5 instead OnePlus 4. This name is already confirmed by a variety of leaks, as, indeed, and specifications of the device, which we present below. But images of OnePlus 5 has not been leaked, up to this day.


OnePlus Two the record breaker smartphone: Coming Soon

OnePlus One is one of the flagship smartphone of 2014. The most interesting factor of this phone is its price and performance ratio. This phone consists of all the premium specifications and sold in the market just at the price of $300. OnePlus One was released June 2014 and still it is not available worldwide. And Soon, OnePlus will bring this phone to many parts of the world. But now rumors suggest that OnePlus Two is also getting ready and in couple of months it would be revealed to the smartphone world. And yes, OnePlus Two would carry the most outstanding specifications and would be offered within an affordable and minimal price.