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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A: big screen and three variants for the tightest budgets

Xiaomi divides its offer of smartphones into two large families: the Mi, where it places the best smartphones, and the Redmi, the range where we can find smartphones valid for the vast majority of users at especially attractive prices. And today was the day marked on the calendar to introduce us to a new member of the range Redmi Note, 5A.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 appears on Samsung’s official website

This time the leaks about Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes from an official source, as the terminal has appeared prematurely in a listing on the website of the manufacturer, Samsung.

As we can see in the image the design is exactly the same as we had been seeing in previous leaks, which means that the images we have seen over the last few days are real and have shown us the terminal from all angles.


New image shows the LG V30 from all angles

Thanks to the source, we have a new and detailed image that shows the LG V30 practically from all angles, and that in turn confirms all the information that we had been seeing during the last days.

As we can see the LG V30 maintains the entire screen finish of LG G6 (18: 9 format), but goes a step beyond what we saw in that terminal as it achieves a further reduction of the edges, both upper and lower as in the sides.