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Samsung Galaxy Note 7R: Specs, Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is the refurbished model of the Samsung phablet that was aiming to become a success and ended out of the market by problems with batteries in an undetermined number of units.

Although not yet official, the Galaxy Note 7R would be commercialized as soon as the terminal was approved by the South Korean regulator, according to The Korea Herald.


Samsung Galaxy J3: Specs, Features and Release Date

The Samsung Galaxy J3 has been leaked inside the well-known performance test, and thanks to that we have been able to know the performance of the terminal as well as its basic components.

As its name suggests, Samsung Galaxy J3 is a smartphone of low-medium range which has a 5 – inch screen and resolution HD (720p), an acceptable combination yielding a sufficient density of pixels as to enjoy a good experience with multimedia content.


Conceptual design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

DBS Designing has published an interesting conceptual design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, a long-awaited terminal that gives Samsung the perfect opportunity to take away the “bad taste” left by the Galaxy Note 7, a terminal that as we know it had to be withdrawn by a failure in its batteries that involved a high risk of explosion.


Samsung Gear VR for $199: Release Date, Specifications, Features and Buy Online

Just couple months ago, Samsung started the sales of Galaxy Note 4 and now there is another surprise for Samsung Galaxy Note user the all-new Gear equipment called Samsung Gear VR.

Yes, the owners of the Galaxy Note will soon have a new gadget to add to phablet a draft development of virtual reality goggle, Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, created in collaboration with Oculus.


Samsung Galaxy S7 to be next Revolutionary Smartphone

The technology in the smartphone era is going for the next revolution, every month you see a device in the market, which is more powerful, faster and amazing. According to experts last quarter of 2015 would be most amazing for all smartphone geek because internal news confirms that Samsung engineers are testing the most amazing smartphone of the decade. Well, it hints towards the next Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 the unborn star: Started Roaring!

Just Samsung Galaxy Note 4 entered in the market and people started talking about its big brother Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Well, it’s too early to discuss something about Note 5, but recently Samsung presented few of the smartphone modules, which were expected to come up in the Note 4. And surprisingly, they didn’t appear in Galaxy Note 4, so the information points towards the next generation Galaxy device. Probably Samsung may power up the upcoming Galaxy S6 with its blazing fast processor chip and amazing features and later Note 5 would take the processing and interaction with a phone to next level. It may sound stupid if some source would confirm the specifications, features or even the release date for next Note phablet. But we have created a concept Galaxy Note 5 model and its specifications, design, processor and release date based on previous stats of Galaxy Note series, let’s more discover about it.