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PlayStation 5: Rumors about Release Date

An interesting study by the Japanese confirms what already indicated previous rumors, and is that PlayStation 5 will not reach the market until 2020, a date that seems very reasonable.

We say this because as we know Sony has made a major bet with PS4 Pro, an intergenerational renewal that came last year and that significantly improves the specifications of PS4.


Sony Alpha 7 II with 5-axis image stabilization: Full frame Mirrorless camera

Sony has released a new model of digital camera mirrorless Sony Alpha 7 II. This new model is equipped with a 24.3-megapixel full-frame sensor (35,8 × 23,9 mm).

The Sony Alpha 7 II mirrorless camera features the use of 5-axis image stabilization system. It allows you to compensate for the five types of camera movements: move up and down and left and right, tilt up and down and left-right rotation. This ensures high efficiency of stabilization. Furthermore, the removable lens of type mount E has built image stabilization system, it recognizes the camera and the system will use both at once, but when the camera system compensates only three types of camera motion.


Sony Xperia Z3 coming in August 2014 with a bang

Most recently, Sony has announced one of its most superior phone of the year i.e. Sony Xperia Z2. And as per the specifications views, Z2 is closed to Samsung’s beast Samsung Galaxy S5. No doubt, in camera specs Sony is always ahead to other manufacturers and Z2 is featuring massive 20.7MP sensor. Already, Sony Xperia Z series popular for its camera sensor and this year, Z2 will take it to another level. No doubt, it’s early to talk about the Sony’s successor to Z2 but internal news confirmed that Sony has started working on Sony Xperia Z3 which may appear in the month of August 2014.