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Xiaomi Redmi 2S with 6-core processor for just $ 65

In the past 6 months, Xiaomi the Chinese manufacture of smartphone has come up with unbelievable solutions, which includes Xiaomi Mi 4 and Xiaomi Redmi 1s. These phones are selling like hot cakes but the problem is only the availability around the globe. But internal news of Xiaomi confirmed that within couple of months they would try to capture more and more countries. And here comes the good news for all the smartphone geeks that are looking for a cheapest solution that Xiaomi would be revealing a smartphone with mere price of $65.


Xiaomi Mi5 Getting Ready to break records: Coming Soon

Few of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers have brought a revolution with their massive smartphone offered at very affordable prices. And top of the list of such manufacturers Xiaomi is leading in the market. Last year 2013, Xiaomi launched Xiaomi Mi 3, which was a breakthrough for all smartphone geeks, because all latest features, hardware were present in this phone and most important the price range was very affordable. Similarly, in 2014, Xiaomi has launched the big brother of Mi 3 i.e. Xiaomi Mi 4.