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Amazon Echo Look: A Voice controlled camera

Amazon has introduced a new line- Amazon Echo look camera. Novelty called Echo Look supporting voice assistant Alexa, which in addition to shooting can distribute master tips.

Amazon Echo Look is a 5-megapixel camera with built-in flash, which stands at home and constantly listens to user commands. A person can ask for a voice device to take a photo. You can also watch the live broadcast from the camera in a mobile application, if desired.


Review of Nikon D7500: a new generation of camera

It is said that in the camera market, they rare show something new. If smartphones are being literally updated every year, and even more often, then the camera refresh cycle is much larger, and we see new camera only once every two or three years. Actually, Nikon D7500 camera was created with an eye for professional photographers or those who are planning to do it, so here we have plenty of options, high-quality matrix, advanced connectivity system to all sorts of devices. Great product for a professional, but beginners this is too much, I would not recommend buying this product as my first SLR camera, because you just get stuck in the settings and will not be able to issue picture quality at the cost of what you have given for a new model.


Sony Alpha 7 II with 5-axis image stabilization: Full frame Mirrorless camera

Sony has released a new model of digital camera mirrorless Sony Alpha 7 II. This new model is equipped with a 24.3-megapixel full-frame sensor (35,8 × 23,9 mm).

The Sony Alpha 7 II mirrorless camera features the use of 5-axis image stabilization system. It allows you to compensate for the five types of camera movements: move up and down and left and right, tilt up and down and left-right rotation. This ensures high efficiency of stabilization. Furthermore, the removable lens of type mount E has built image stabilization system, it recognizes the camera and the system will use both at once, but when the camera system compensates only three types of camera motion.