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PlayStation 5: Rumors about Release Date

An interesting study by the Japanese confirms what already indicated previous rumors, and is that PlayStation 5 will not reach the market until 2020, a date that seems very reasonable.

We say this because as we know Sony has made a major bet with PS4 Pro, an intergenerational renewal that came last year and that significantly improves the specifications of PS4.


Destiny 2 for PC: Features, Release Date and Price

Destiny 2 for PC, the second installment of one of the best role-playing games in first person history, but Bungie also just give a good dose of information a technique we should not ignore.

The well-known studio, creator of the Halo series, has confirmed that Destiny 2 for PCs will support resolutions up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, will support ultra-widescreen (21: 9) monitors and will not have a frame rate limiter per second.


New trailer for Middle Earth: Shadows of War

Spain has released a new trailer for The Middle Earth: Shadows of War, one of the most anticipated games of this year that will rescue the basic approach we saw in the first installment.

In the accompanying video, we can see that the gameplay will be very similar to that of Shadows of Mordor, although the main objective of it is to take us for a walk through the open world of Middle Earth: Shadows of War.


Battletech: First trailer is launched

During the exhibition PDX CON 2017 Trailer, Battletech game was published. The developer of this game is a studio Harebrained Schemes, and the publisher will make Paradox Interactive.

Battletech is a tactical turn-based role-playing action game with robots. Project action takes place in the universe MechWarrior. The game takes place in 3025, in a classic BattleTech universe during the incessant wars between the Great noble houses.