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Intel Core i5 8550U performance test, four real cores and low power consumption

The source have released a performance test of the Intel Core i5 8550U, a low-power processor based on the Coffee Lake architecture and will feature four real cores and eight threads thanks to HyperThreading technology, running at a base speed of 1.8 GHz in normal mode, although in theory can reach 3.69 GHz thanks to the turbo mode.


Possible Intel Core i3 8300: Quad-core and eight-core specifications

A leak leaves the most important specifications of the Intel Core i3 8300, a processor that will be based on the Coffee Lake architecture and in theory will have four physical cores and eight threads.

If the information is confirmed we will be on a very important leap, since Intel has maintained the structure of two cores and four threads in the Core i3 for seven generations. In effect, this means that there have been no changes to this basic configuration since the year 2010.


Intel Core i9-7960X peers at GeekBench with 16 cores at 2.51 GHz

Intel Core i9-7960X processor has appeared in the well-known and controversial GeekBench benchmark, allowing us to see its most important specifications and know its base frequency of work.

As we have advanced in the title the Intel Core i9 -7960X 16-core and 32-wire works at 2.51 GHz, a rather low figure that nevertheless allows you to get a score higher than the ThreadRipper of 16 cores and 32 threads in said proof.