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Review of the Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved: The coolest monitor

Officially unveiled monitor Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved, which was created and implemented exclusively for professionals who earn on some tasks that require high-quality equipment. For example, the monitor is recommended for those who mounts the video, working with photos or graphics editors, for exchange traders, even for office workers who need in multiple browser tabs open, or documents. In general, the product is really cool, it has many advantages and is suitable for professional activities.


Review of ZTE V870: Inexpensive and stylish

Most modern smartphones in the market are mid-level quite pleasing – are now either producer’s gadgets which are entry-level or flagship. The middle class is almost nothing decent and smart phone ZTE V870 has to rectify the situation – the product looks quite stylish, not bad in terms of performance and additional chips are present. Of course, no one says directly that the smartphone is the best in the market and that competition is not adequate, but in recent years is nothing better I have not personally seen.


Oppo R11: Review of Dual camera smartphone

Everybody noticed that the trend of the mobile market this year – a smartphone with dual camera. That is, if we have previously said that on the front of our camera on the back of the camera, too, it is now necessary to clarify that in the back of the system of two chambers. What it does, in fact? Yes, almost nothing – usually the second chamber is responsible for the color depth in the B & W mode, or viewing angle, but the quality of the photo or video has no effect.


Intel Core i9-7900X tested in benchmarks

Very soon the series processors Intel Skylake-X will go on public sale. The network is already beginning to appear the first tests of performance chipset family. A few days ago the authoritative edition of Hexus and Bit-Tech despite the ban on non-disclosure has published a review of the opening line of 10-core processor Intel Core i9-7900X (models with 12, 14, 16 and 18 will be released later kernels). During the test chip shown very mixed results.


Xiaomi Mi 6 with the transparent back

A new video has been uploaded on youtube in which we can see a complete exploded view of a Xiaomi Mi 6, the last top of the range terminal that has recently launched the Chinese company.

In addition to the cutting, this video repeats what we saw in this, one dedicated to the Galaxy S8, the process necessary to make transparent the back of a Xiaomi Mi 6. Obviously, it is something quite complex and voids the warranty of the terminal so it is not recommended for the average user, but it is quite interesting.


NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030: Review, Final specifications and price

Now we have spoken of the NVIDIA GeForce 1030 GT in news and today has produced the official launch of this new graphics card, which is intended to remind market solutions dedicated low – end.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 is built on the GP108 graphics core, which means that it uses the Pascal architecture and is therefore a next generation solution and not a reputation for previous products.