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Acer Predator X27: Awesome gaming monitor!

There are news that a big event was held at last night (April 27) in New York, and Acer announced many products which includes gaming laptops to smartwatch. List is very long, mentioning few products such as Acer Swift 1, Acer Swift 2, Acer Predator Series, smartwatch and many more. Let’s review one of the product here which is Acer Predator X27.


Review of Nikon D7500: a new generation of camera

It is said that in the camera market, they rare show something new. If smartphones are being literally updated every year, and even more often, then the camera refresh cycle is much larger, and we see new camera only once every two or three years. Actually, Nikon D7500 camera was created with an eye for professional photographers or those who are planning to do it, so here we have plenty of options, high-quality matrix, advanced connectivity system to all sorts of devices. Great product for a professional, but beginners this is too much, I would not recommend buying this product as my first SLR camera, because you just get stuck in the settings and will not be able to issue picture quality at the cost of what you have given for a new model.


Xiaomi Mi 6: Specs, Release Date, Review

Xiaomi brand will begin sale of Xiaomi Mi 6 on 28 Apr i.e. tomorrow in china, it was introduced in three editions: normal glass, premium ceramic and chrome limited.

Today Xiaomi announced the start of sales will be available only to the user who are going for option in the black glass and stainless steel, on the other hand, white, blue and Mi6 Ceramic will appear later. In this case, both versions will be available – 64 and 128 GB of internal memory.


Sharp Z3: Review, Specs, a Metal smartphone

Many believe that the developers of mobile phones from Asia do not feel well in the market and that the sales they are not going well. In particular, it is talking about the company Sharp, which produces quite a daring and risky devices, while other companies are trying to follow a proper and usual way. Smartphone Sharp Z3 is a clear indication that some smartphones are not on the market giants like Samsung and Apple are quite interesting to present new ideas and solutions that demonstrate the attractive design and have low cost. Of course, no one says that this smartphone will conquer the market and now all will be with Sharp Z3 walk, but in the local market it is a bomb, and the manufacturer plans this summer to release the product in the world and sell it outside the country that also makes us happy, as previously get a smartphone Sharp was very difficult.