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Xiaomi Mi 6 with the transparent back

A new video has been uploaded on youtube in which we can see a complete exploded view of a Xiaomi Mi 6, the last top of the range terminal that has recently launched the Chinese company.

In addition to the cutting, this video repeats what we saw in this, one dedicated to the Galaxy S8, the process necessary to make transparent the back of a Xiaomi Mi 6. Obviously, it is something quite complex and voids the warranty of the terminal so it is not recommended for the average user, but it is quite interesting.


NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030: Review, Final specifications and price

Now we have spoken of the NVIDIA GeForce 1030 GT in news and today has produced the official launch of this new graphics card, which is intended to remind market solutions dedicated low – end.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 is built on the GP108 graphics core, which means that it uses the Pascal architecture and is therefore a next generation solution and not a reputation for previous products.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: Review, Specs, Release Date and Price

Samsung has announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 in Spain, the premium tablet presented at the MWC in Barcelona.

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers able to face Apple, in both smartphones and tablets, from Android and in the same range of features and prices. In fact, Galaxy Tab S3 is basically an alternative with Android to the iPad Pro 9.7, which has the same screen size and resolution, the same price, and common accessories such as pen and keyboard, as explained in the announcement Celestino Garcia, Corporate Vice President from Samsung Spain:


Gigabyte GB-EKi3A-7100 Brix Mini PC Nettop: Review and specs

Not long ago, the Nettop market just exploded – the producers have shown a lot of new models, one could choose a novelty to taste, had only to sit for twenty minutes on the Internet. For this reason, Nettop Gigabyte GB-EKi3A-7100 became a big news, I totally did not expect the product release. However, even without such a surprise, the product was very interesting for many users, this will solve the problem. If you’ve always wanted to imagine an inexpensive but efficient nettop to work and perform all the tasks that you set for your computer, you should look at this device Gigabyte GB-EKi3A-7100 and appreciate its features. It is possible that the new product will appeal not only to avid geeks and engineers, but also more casual customers. Let’s see what’s under the hood.


Xiaomi Mi 6 Review: The most anticipated debut

To begin with, that there are rumors about the Xiaomi Mi 6 that you can collect the entire newspaper. At every step, new rumors surfaced, data, photos, insider information and got the impression that the company Xiaomi is not even against such a buzz around smartphone. Especially, in just a couple of months, the device has become one of the most anticipated smartphone in the market, which is clearly increased sales at the start. And, when the smartphone yet announced, we can say certainty that the Xiaomi Mi 6 was worth all the hype and expectations. The company was able to create a decent product in 2017 which is very important.


Micromax Bolt Warrior 1 plus Q4101 review

Over the past few weeks, a few low-cost handsets were released, which, despite the cost, were able to offer a well-balanced performance. In fact, the restrictions apply only to lack of LTE support. Test today Micromax Bolt Warrior 1 plus Q4101 also refers to the initial segment, and it may already be interested in a high-speed network access. But, like with your favorite low-cost model will always be trade-offs.


Overview of Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Each user that connects your PC to the TV, sooner or later confronted with the choice of peripheral control devices. The fact that the keyboard should be wireless, no one is beyond doubt, but the choice of mouse or touchpad – one more question. In such a situation will help the touchpad, and even better when it is combined with the keyboard. Although it is really good. Here, we are going to review Rapoo K2600 Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad.