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Samsung Portable SSD T5: New portable SSD and compact 2 TB

Samsung has introduced the Samsung Portable SSD T5, its new portable solid-state disk drive that packs up to 2TB of storage in the size of a credit card.

Photographers, video, content creators and other professionals of similar profiles n etesian have portable storage solutions to carry a large volume of files. To meet this demand, the Korean technology firm introduced in mid-2015 the first product of this family, the Samsung Portable SSD T1  with up to 1TB capacity, which a year later happened the Portable SSD T3, with a space of up to 2 TB and improved capabilities over the first generation.


Kingston DCU1000: An SSD that slashes 7 GB per second

Kingston Digital Inc. has announced the announcement of the Kingston DCU1000, an SSD storage solution with NVMe interface and U.2 form factor, which is emerging as the fastest in its range.

This is a storage unit that is aimed at the professional market and stands out for being able to achieve sequential read speeds of 6.8 GB per second. To give you an idea of ​​what this means, we remind you that SSD units with SATA III interface are around 550 MB / s and that even the most advanced solutions with an NVMe interface are around 3 GB / s.


Corsair Neutron NX500, another high performance PCI SSD

Corsair Neutron NX500 is a new line of solid state drives that without officially announcing has been listed on retailers.

Corsair Neutron NX500 is delivered in a standard HHHL card-punched card format in a PCI-Express 3.0 x4 slot. Uses Toshiba MLC memories manufactured in 15 nanometer processes. All a guarantee because together with Samsung and Micron are the most appreciated in the market.


NVMe Express 1.3 specification, everything you need to know

The NVM Express Organization has confirmed the official release of the NVMe Express 1.3 specification, a new version of the popular protocol known to be used on high-performance PCI-E SSDs.

The latter is important because it means that we do not need to have a standard storage drive (such as a hard disk for example) that acts as a boot drive since our PCI-E SSD can perform that function without problems.