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Toshiba XG 5, SSD M.2 very fast: Features

Toshiba XG 5 is the new solid state drive from the Japanese manufacturer. A very fast model that enters the prestigious “club of 3 GB / sec”.

We are already seeing in teams that arrive from Computex 2017 as SSD is becoming strong in the consumer market. There is no PC that does not mount directly or optionally offers a solid state drive for the storage section.


NVMe 1.3: Specification

Organization of NVM Express (NVMe), set up to develop and promote the eponymous standard access to the SSD via PCI Express (PCIe), released the next version of the specification NVMe 1.3 standard. The update adds a few new features that provide users with more control and monitoring, and themselves SSD-drives will make faster, more reliable and more durable.


Kingston SSDNow KC1000, M.2: Features

Kingston SSDNow KC1000 is Kingston’s new series of solid state drives. In M.2 form factor, it uses the PCI-Express 3.0 x4 interface to deliver high performance.

As you know, the M.2 using PCIe are the fastest units you’ll find in consumer storage, triggering their performance up to a theoretical maximum that goes up to five times that of solid state drives connected to SATA and for fifteen the one of the hard disks.


WD RED 10TB hard drive: Features, Release Date and Price

The NAS-optimized hard drive series, WD RED, has a new model that advances up to 10 Tbytes of storage capacity, the largest available in the industry till now: WD RED 10TB.

A perfect model for NAS, one of the most interesting storage systems by adding the advantages of a simple external hard disk connected to a USB port and also of a cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive, but without delivering the data to an external company.


SanDisk iXpand flash drive for iPhone and iPad

SanDisk has released USB-flash drive for iPhone / iPad – SanDisk iXpand. In addition to the standard USB port novelty contains an additional connector Lightning.

The drive is available in the form of models with a capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB. With two ports connecting the device can be used to transfer files between your iPhone or iPad and computers. When connecting to Apple mobile devices automatically archives all new photos and video clips available. Also, the device can play back files of popular formats of video and music that are stored on the drive. To do this, use the application iXpand Sync. The novelty has dimensions 64.17 × 36.78 × 11.80 mm.