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Huawei Y6 2017: Specs, Release Date and Price

Just a few days ago we were attending the renewal of Huawei Y3, one of the components of the Y family, Huawei’s entry ranges to further expand its user spectrum and hunt Apple as part of its growth plan here by the year 2020 . Now it is the turn to a new device of the family Y, specifically the Huawei Y6 2017, as the new device is called.


Apple iPad Pro 10.5: Leaked Specs and Images

A new tablet PC Apple iPad Pro with a screen diagonal of 10.5, which is located between the current models with screens of 9.7 and 12.9 inches, will be launched in near future. According to the latest data, the device must be present at the upcoming conference WWDC 2017. Rumors attributed to the plate “frameless” design, but appreciate his real design was not possible until today.


Smartphone Meizu M5c: Specs, Release Date and Price

As promised, today announced the Meizu M5c – its new smartphone mid-budget class.

The device has received a polycarbonate body and as many as five variants of its colors: black, gold, red, blue and pink. Considering a bright color palette, and the small size and weight (unit weighs 135 g at a thickness of 8.3 mm), we can safely assume that the manufacturer of this apparatus is mainly aimed at by mods and ladies, who are more interested in appearance, not in a technical equipment. Do not get me wrong, not to say that the technical side of Meizu M5c is at all bad, but in this model, the emphasis is clearly made it to the exterior.


Microsoft Surface Pro 5: Specs, Release Date and Price

The Redmond giant has introduced Microsoft Surface Pro 5, a solution that comes with an external design virtually identical to the one we saw in Surface Pro 4 and debuting a new name.

Microsoft has decided that the new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 should be called Surface Pro 2017, a major shift that clearly reflects the abandonment of the numbers in favor of the launch year to differentiate between generations.


LG X Venture: Leaked Specifications

The manufacturers of smartphones do not stop to present novelties, but they have a problem: to emphasize within the great offer that we have the users. That task is not simple, and worse put it if the names of their smartphones do not follow any rule or saga. Thus, LG decided in 2016 to create two new families within its catalog for the entry ranges and middle ranges: the LG K and LG X.