12 and 16-core RYZEN processors: Specs, Price

Few sources of ours has published information on new engineering samples of RYZEN processors from AMD and undoubtedly the most interesting are the models of 12 and 16 cores, which thanks to SMT technology can handle 24 and 32 threads respectively.

Usually, such a large count of cores usually involves a significant reduction in working frequencies to maintain a reasonable TDP, something that Intel has been doing both in its “extreme” range for general consumption and in its Xeon series, aimed at the professional sector.

RYZEN processors

That is why we have been very interested to see that RYZEN 16-core and 32-wire processors work at 3.1 GHz-3.6 GHz, normal and turbo mode, quite good frequencies taking into account the total number of cores that integrates.

The 12-core and 24-wire model of RYZEN processors has more modest frequencies as it operates at 2.7 GHz-3.2 GHz, normal and turbo mode, but we must bear in mind that we are talking about engineering samples and that the final versions could work at higher speed thanks to the use of more advanced stepping’s.

This new generation of RYZEN processors is rivaling the next generation of Extreme CPUs from Intel, which according to the latest information is known as Skylake-X and will consist of processors of six, eight, ten and twelve cores.

12 and 16-core RYZEN processors will maintain the single-thread performance of the current RYZEN, although they will use a new platform and it is said that they will also be accompanied by support of configurations of memory in quadruple channel.

We do not have specific details about RYZEN processors possible release date or price, but it is likely that the 16-core and 32-thread models will end up exceeding 1,000 euros , a figure that would be reasonable if we consider, for example, that the Core i7 6950X add up 10 cores and 20 threads and cost about 1,800 euros.

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