A close look at the Apple’s SoC A10X, a wonder at 10 nm

One of the most interesting components of the new 10.5 ” and 12.9″ iPad Pro has undoubtedly been the Apple’s SoC A10X, a chip that is a major advance compared to the previous generation and also greatly improves the performance of the Apple A10, used in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple’s SoC A10X

The SoC A10 is manufactured in 16 nm process and the new Apple’s SoC A10X has made the leap to the process of 10 nm, a major change that allows to reduce chip size, consumption and working temperatures even though specifications have been improved of the same.

In this sense the new SoC A10X is 24% smaller than the A10 (96.4 mm squared versus 125 mm squared). However it comes with a much more powerful CPU and a higher GPU, as we can see in the comparative that we leave right next:

  • Apple A10X: Three-core Hurricane CPU and Zephyr three cores at 2.39 GHz, PowerVR 7 XT Plus GPU with twelve graphics cores.
  • Apple A10: Two-core Hurricane CPU and two Zephyr cores at 2.34 GHz, PowerVR 7 XT Plus GPU with twelve-core graphics.

Apple has also expanded the processor L2 cache of the new Apple’s SoC A10X, which rises to a total of 8 MB (4 MB in SoC A10).

Apple’s SoC A10X

Putting all this together we can make it clear that Apple has shaped a solution that is currently the most powerful in the mobile sector (smartphones and tablets), but at the same time is one of the most advanced thanks to the bet of The company by the manufacturing process of 10 nm.

We are waiting to see what the company of the apple surprises us when it presents the SoC Apple A11, a solution that will be integrated in the iPhone 8 , iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

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