A unique way of mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin- Body heat

A unique way of mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin: Body heat

Mining can be done in many ways. For example, to buy a bundle of video cards is more powerful, make a farm, or even two, set everything up and start making profits. Instead of farms, ASIC-miners, specialized devices designed for the extraction of certain types of crypto-currency, or the latest development of Danish engineers-a special suit for mining, that allows the owner to use his own body for the extraction of crypto-currency.

A unique way of mining cryptocurrency Bitcoin- Body heat

Danish engineers have created a special suit that turns the heat of the human body into energy using thermoelectric generators, which in turn uses crypto-currency for mining. During the testing of the new suit, the developers have already managed to extract about 17,000 different coins, among which are Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

“In the future, when robots take jobs from people, a suit can be a good option for additional earnings. After all, to start the cannon, you only need a body and a suit,” Cointelegraph writes.

Prices of the costume developers do not tell when it will appear on sale (and whether there will be any at all) – they do not speak either. Probably, the prototype will remain so until the best times, bringing a small income to its creators, sweating over the next development.

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