Acer Liquid Z500 Review: A beautiful smartphone but not 4G

For less than 150 euros, Acer Liquid Z500 has a HD quality screen, but does not offer 4G and lower battery backup. Only 3 stars rating in review but it is still convincing.

With Acer Liquid Z500, Acer offers for less than 150 euros a 3G + smartphone with a screen 5 inch high definition (1280 x 720 pixels) and running Android 4.4 KitKat. According to the manufacturer, quality is also set to sound with DTS Studio Sound system. But What’s the reality? Let’s find out with complete Acer Liquid Z500 review.

Acer Liquid Z500 review

Acer Liquid Z500 review

While many manufacturers offer cheap 4G smartphones, Acer is satisfied with a 3G+ model. Small consolation, the Acer Liquid Z500 supports two SIM cards, with its rear plastic shell, the device is rather plain, but it is not fake. In addition, you have the choice of three colors (dark gray, light gray and gray). Little originality, Acer has placed a button on the back under the photo sensor. This customizable button allows you to launch the application of your choice (Google Play Music default).

Acer Liquid Z500 review – A 5-inch screen quality

Acer Liquid Z500 review

 If the Liquid Z500 is a cheap smartphone, it still has a 5-inch screen quality with IPS technology, which offers very good viewing angles. With a definition of 720 x 1280 pixels, it has a very good contrast (1258: 1) and acceptable brightness (302 cd / m²). This is however not the only smartphone with this kind of flattering screen. Navigating the Android 4.4 system interface proves enjoyable with good responsiveness of the device and the Acer UI overlay adds a rather pleasant wave effect to the home screen with direct access to four applications (phone, SMS, web browser, camera). We also liked the fluidity of navigation in Web pages. As for the sound from the speakers and DTS Studio Sound enhancement system, it is not bad but is cold and lacks bass. In this area, the smartphone does not equal the quality of the HTC One M8. Note that the DTS control panel to adjust the bass and treble, or even select a preset EQ Mode (rock, jazz, pop, etc.).

Performance – Acer Liquid Z500 review

Acer Liquid Z500 review

The quad processor in Z500 Liquid properly serves its purpose for most applications and can watch HD videos without problems. In contrast, there is a little cramped for storage space with only 1.6 GB available on the 4GB flash memory. Consequently, we had to make room to perform the update certain applications. The device accepts microSD cards but is not compatible with USB On The Go. In other words, cannot play content stored on a standard USB key via a handy adapter yet. In battery backup, the smartphone Acer is doing quite well in Communications (12 h 34 min) but gets scores below the average for surfing the web (5 h 13 min) and video playback (5 h 44). In addition, it will not replace your camera because it generates certainly clear shots but the rendering is totally lacking because of a natural treatment too artificial image. The videos filmed in high definition (1920 x1080 pixels) also are average with a lack of detail, flicker and sometimes little noisy.

Acer offers to create your Personal Cloud

Acer Liquid Z500 review

Acer Liquid Z500 comes with five applications (abPhoto, abMusique, abVideo, abFichiers and abDocs) to Acer Cloud. In reality, this is your home computer that acts as a server by installing over Windows equivalent of these applications (no Mac OS) and letting on. For example, abMusique provides access and streaming Internet audio files stored on your computer. If the function is effective with Wi-Fi, we found untimely interruptions of reading with a 3G connection. The application abVideo accessed in turn to video files, but requires downloading them before reading. With abPhoto, viewing photos from your PC, but every photo taken by the smartphone is automatically saved on the computer. Finally, abFichiers application provides access to all the files from the PC while abDocs synchronize office documents (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx).

The completion – Acer Liquid Z500 review

For less than 150 euros, the Liquid Z500 duly fulfills its function in particular through its Quality screen, even if it’s not the only benefit. Slots for two SIM cards is appreciated, creating applications for personal cloud and the correct sound quality. We regret the average range and especially the lack of 4G.

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