Acer Predator X27: Awesome gaming monitor!

There are news that a big event was held at last night (April 27) in New York, and Acer announced many products which includes gaming laptops to smartwatch. List is very long, mentioning few products such as Acer Swift 1, Acer Swift 2, Acer Predator Series, smartwatch and many more. Let’s review one of the product here which is Acer Predator X27.

Acer Predator X27

Acer Predator X27 is a monitor for games that the Taiwanese firm has presented at its big hardware event held last night in New York and included other new products that we have been presenting as gaming notebooks , AIO,  2 Swit 2  or 1 Smartwatch.

The Acer Predator X27 is simply stunning, with a screen based on Quantum Dot technology, curved 1800R 27-inch diagonal, native 4K resolution and support for 99% of the Adobe RGB color space.

Its gaming expertise comes from support for the NVIDIA G-SYNC sync feature, HDR support and especially a 144 Hz refresh rate, the industry’s most advanced with this 4K resolution.

It also includes eye tracking technology, Tobii, which helps the player to aim, shoot and explore more intuitively, while the NVIDIA ULMB (Ultra-Low Motion Blur) promises greater sharpness and realism.

We do not know the price for Acer Predator X27, but it will not be inexpensive to get one of these awesome gaming monitors.

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