Acer smartwatch Leap Ware: Specs, Release Date and Price

Along with other innovations at yesterday’s press conference in New York, Acer introduced Acer smartwatch Leap Ware, which serves as the main hardware SoC MediaTek MT2523 with bioprocessor MT2511.

Acer smartwatch Leap Ware

The manufacturer positions a novelty as a stylish, wearable, is focused on the use of sports. Smartwatch Leap Ware features a screen diagonal of 1.6 inches. The screen is covered with a protective Corning Gorilla Glass SR +, and resistant to scratches. The Leap Ware fitness smartwatch has a degree of protection IPX7.

The apparatus of Acer smartwatch Leap Ware can monitor the heart rate, the level of ultraviolet radiation (UV index), the level of stress / fatigue and evaluate physical endurance. Accurate list of all the sensors responsible for the above functionality, but certainly most of them part of the bioprocessor MT2511.

Allegedly, without recharging the battery, Acer smartwatch Leap Ware can work out three to five days. Housing at the clock, apparently plastic. Silicone strap has a width of 20 mm. If desired, it can be replaced, the manufacturer offer its own options in dark blue and light brown in color.

With smartphone smartwatch mate by Liquid Life, available both on Android, on iOS and proprietary applications. With Smartwatch Leap Ware, users can set a variety of sports goals and receive recommendations to improve the effectiveness of training. For the implementation of the various pre-emption and the achievement of goals, users can earn points Power Coins. They can be exchanged in the shop on a variety of virtual items, awards and even existing discount store Liquid Life Market.

Acer smartwatch Leap Ware will go on sale in Europe in the second half of this year, priced at € 139. In addition, users will be able to compete with your friends. The only question is whether you have a lot of friends with wearable gadgets Acer?

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