ADATA GAMMIX S10 SSD-drive and D10 DDR4 memory module: Features

ADATA Technology Company introduced a new ADATA GAMMIX S10 SSD-drive and D10 DDR4 memory module of the gaming line XPG GAMMIX, first demonstrated at the Computex 2017. The line is aimed at gamers GAMMIX, DYI-enthusiasts and overclockers, offering them higher as compared to the conventional models and performance functionality, as well as the typical aggressive design.


Form factor M.2 2280 and NVMe 1.2 protocol allows for ADATA SSD-drive GAMMIX S10 to provide a read speed of up to 1800 MB/s and write up to 850 MB/s. S10 model reduces the expectation data, download and search time, and offers up to 1 TB of memory 3D TLC NAND running SMI controller.

Specifically designed XPG radiator capable of effectively cooling device lowering the temperature to 10 degrees – better than in the case of unshielded SSDs M.2, which ensures stable and durable operation of the system. Thanks to the cache buffer DRAM and intelligent caching system SLC-S10 drive can support the maximum level of performance with the performance IOPS read / write 130K / 140K.

ADATA GAMMIX S10 SSD-drive also supports LDPC error correction technology and demonstrates the mean time between failures of 2 million hours, making this drive offers a 5 year warranty. The range includes models volume of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.


In GAMMIX D10 DDR4 memory modules apply black printed circuit board with a black or red top panel with pointed teeth, wherein the module has a relatively low profile that facilitates its installation even in small systems. The D10 memory modules with a frequency of 2400 MHz to 3000 MHz are used carefully selected components guarantee maximum quality work.

On Intel X299 chip motherboards SPD (Serial Presence Detect) sets the initial frequency to 2666 MHz instead of 2400 MHz. The circuit board with copper traces increase the signal transmission quality, and an open top substantially improves heat dissipation, increasing stability when playing games or acceleration. On these modules by a lifetime warranty, as well as on all memory modules and ADATA XPG brands.

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