Alan Wake: Horror Game Sales will be stopped after 15 May

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that Alan Wake, one of the best known and interesting horror games that have hit the market in recent years, will be withdrawn from May 15, which means that it will stop being commercialized in all distribution channels digital.

Alan Wake

In case, it has not been clear yes, this also affects Steam and means that it will not be possible to buy it, so if you had thought to make it with him but you had left, you should take advantage before disappearing. In case you already have Alan Wake Game, do not worry, you will be able to continue playing it without problems.

What happened?

It’s very simple, Alan Wake has a soundtrack that requires the periodic renewal of a license (copyright), as with its expansion.

Well the fact is that Remedy Entertainment has successfully renegotiated the renewal of the license of the soundtrack of the expansion, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but has not been so lucky with the original game.

This means that the expansion will remain available but the game will not until they can renew the license of the soundtrack, a target that may end up being complex, although Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that they are still working to get it.

We imagine that in the worst case it will disappear from the market only temporarily and in the end will be coming back, but in any case it is a good time to get it as Alan Wake will be in promotion until May 15 and can be bought with a 90% discount.

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