Amazon Echo Look: A Voice controlled camera

Amazon has introduced a new line- Amazon Echo look camera. Novelty called Echo Look supporting voice assistant Alexa, which in addition to shooting can distribute master tips.

Amazon Echo Look is a 5-megapixel camera with built-in flash, which stands at home and constantly listens to user commands. A person can ask for a voice device to take a photo. You can also watch the live broadcast from the camera in a mobile application, if desired.

Amazon Echo Look

The creators suggest using Echo Look for the selection of clothing: a man can spin the camera, considering the outfit from all sides on the screen. It can also be photographed every day, making a catalog of sets of clothes. In addition, Amazon Echo Look will be able to evaluate your taste, using a set of machine learning algorithms coupled with tips fashion experts.

Echo Look able to give advice on how best to dress. The user will need to be photographed in two outfits that he likes, and the application is using artificial intelligence will tell you which one is better.

Like the original model Echo column supporting the voice assistant to Alexa, the new Echo Look can recite on demand the latest news, weather forecast, remind you of upcoming events, meetings, order food to your home, find a recipe on the internet and turn the Internet in search of answers to a variety of issues.

Smart Camera Amazon Echo Look costs $ 200. I personally feel, this is the good concept, a camera which can suggest you the best dress as it is using artificial intelligence concept.

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