Amazon Echo Show Speaker: Specs, Features and price

Amazon has expanded its line of smart devices Echo new model. It is called Amazon Echo Show and costs $ 230. It’s a clever speaker, which is released with touch screen, video calls and the ability to control other smart home devices. The device is already available for pre-order in black and white body color, its sales will start from June 28.

As Echo Show has the same features as the other smart column family Echo. That is, it has an array of microphones, always listens to user and stands built-in voice assistant Alexa. In addition to all this, there is installed a touch screen 7-inch (for the first time among the Echo devices). Well, it should be noted the retro design, which carried out the device itself.

Amazon Echo Show

The official promotional video for the announcement device screen displays weather forecast, the steps for the preparation of dishes on prescription and trailers.

Simultaneously with the AmazonEcho Show Company introduced the function of free calls and messages to devices that support voice assistant Alexa. It is already available for Echo Show and will soon appear on a larger number of devices that support assistant. In this case we are talking about the calls through the internet, so that in addition to pay for such calls is not necessary. Given that Alexa app is available for iOS and Android, has a decent list of devices that support this feature.

Amazon Echo Show by connecting to your home network Wi-Fi, you can display recordings from CCTV cameras or photos with other devices. Column compatible with the Ring services, Samsung SmartThings, Philips and others.

The equipment of the device includes a camera resolution of 5 megapixels, eight hidden microphones and two speakers Dolby.

Dimensions of the Amazon Echo Show speaker up 187x187x90 mm with a weight of 1170.

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