AMD EPYC Server Processor: News, Specs, Release Date and Price

On the night of May 17, AMD held a Financial Analyst Day event in 2017, where key figures of the company, including the CEO Lisa Su told the public about the company’s plans for the future. And in the event, made several major announcements, which we describe in this article.

And let us start with the most important –AMD EPYC Server Processor. We must say at once that in this case the title is fully consistent with the product.

AMD EPYC Server Processor

These processors are designed primarily for servers. AMD EPYC Server Processor, formerly codenamed Naples You, produced by the same 14-nm process technology FinFET, as the usual consumer model Ryzen, and are based on the microarchitecture Zen, albeit with some differences.

As for the specifics, proposals will receive up to 32 cores and twice the number of concurrent streams, eight-channel DDR4 memory controller, which will give the server with two processor sockets in total 16 channels and up to 32 memory slots, and 128 PCIe 3.0 lines. Memory frequency in each channel may be 2400/2677 MHz, and the total amount of RAM in the system can reach as much as 4 TB. In EPYC configuration also includes additional security processor.

In fact, AMD EPYC Server Processor are single chip platforms (SoC), as they have all the necessary interfaces and additionally do not need a chipset. As noted above, the processor has as many as 128 PCI-Express 3.0 lines for connecting external devices. Working in tandem by means of SMT technology AMD EPYC two processors is divided between all the available lines, and 64 of them are used to connect processors together. Separately mentioned interconnects Infinity fabric, which connects four eight-block Zen.

AMD claims that one EPYC processor outperforms the configuration of two Intel E5-2650 v4 processors. In particular, AMD speaks about 50% superiority in performance at significantly lower power consumption and reduced to 30% TCO costs. The company also claims the superiority of its own decision on the masthead competing chip from Intel camp (Intel Xeon E5-2699A v4) on a number of key parameters: the number of physical processor cores more than 45% – 32 to 22, the memory capacity up to 122%, and throughput I / O interfaces – 60%.

This AMD stressed that EPYC Server Processor allow you to create unique server solutions 1S. The manufacturer is sure that as soon as the market will get Epyc 1S servers, the purchase of excess in terms 2S server capacity becomes impractical waste of money. But when exactly this will happen, not reported.

AMD EPYC Server Processor successors will be a 7-nm chips, code-named Rome on Zen2 architecture, which mate in 2020, will perform on the Milan model architecture Zen 3 on the improved process technology 7nm +.

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