AMD Navi GFX10 7nm graphic tech surfaced again- Specs & Features

AMD Navi GFX10 7nm graphic tech surfaced again: Specs & Features

The latest drivers for Linux include an exciting line of code in which we can read a direct reference to AMD Navi, the next graphics solution of the Sunnyvale giant that theoretically should be between the middle and the end of 2018.

AMD Navi GFX10 7nm graphic tech surfaced again- Specs & Features

The complete reference that has been listed is the one that we accompany below:

” New_chip.gfx10.mmSUPER_SECRET.enable [0: 0]”

As we can see, there are two key parts. The first is “GFX10” since this indicates that it is a new graphic architecture, specifically that which will be the successor of Vega, which is known as “GFX9”.

If we interpret that completely we will see that it leads us directly to thinking about AMD Navi, which is the next graphics generation that will launch Lisa Su’s signature according to the most recent roadmap that they published.

The second important part we have in “Super Secret,” which would be the code name that AMD is using internally to refer to Navi without attracting attention when small “errors” like this occur.

Among the most important novelties that this new graphic architecture will bring is the jump to 7 nm, which means a reduction by half compared to the 14 nm process used in Polaris 20 and Vega 10.

This would allow increasing the count of shaders and the gross performance of this new generation without compromising efficiency and temperatures. It is also commented that the top-end models would be equipped with high-performance HBM3 memory, although the possibility that AMD opts for GDDR6 solutions to reduce the sale price is not ruled out.

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