AMD Radeon Instinct MI25, MI8, MI6: Specs, Release Date and Price

The Sunnyvale firm has officially announced new AMD Radeon Instinct MI25, MI8 and MI6 high-performance graphics cards designed to do their best in professional environments and prepared to work with artificial intelligence systems.

AMD Radeon Instinct MI25

These three solutions come with passive cooling systems which means they offer quiet operation, but at the same time slightly reduce their working frequencies to maintain a good thermal efficiency.

AMD Radeon Instinct MI25

That being said let’s take a look at the key specifications of each card:

AMD Radeon Instinct MI25:

  • Architecture Vega with 4,096 shaders.
  • 3 TFLOPs in single precision (FP32).
  • 16 GB of HBM2 with a bandwidth of 484 GB / s.
  • 300W TDP.

AMD Radeon Instinct MI8:

  • Architecture Fiji with 4,096 shaders.
  • 2 TFLOPs in single precision (FP32).
  • 4 GB of HBM with a bandwidth of 512 GB / s.
  • 175W TDP.

AMD Radeon Instinct MI25

AMD Radeon Instinct MI6:

  • Architecture Polaris with 2,304 shaders.
  • 7 TFLOPs in single precision (FP32).
  • 16 GB of GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 224 GB / s.
  • 150W TDP.

AMD Radeon Instinct MI25

As we can see the first, AMD Radeon Instinct MI25 is a true top of the range with an impressive level of performance, while the other two can be considered as high-end solutions.

AMD has confirmed that all three will be supported by the open source ROCm 1.6 software platform, which will bring MIOpen 1.0 performance and support improvements.

AMD Radeon Instinct MI25

Its software ecosystem is very complete as it also has a HUD CUDA conversion tool and GPU acceleration support using the HCC (Heterogeneous Compiler Compiler).

On the other hand, the GPU-accelerated MIOpen open-source library is also available on the ROCm platform and is compatible with the most important artificial intelligence systems such as Caffe, TensorFlow and Torch.

The first units of these new Radeon Instinct will begin to arrive during the third quarter of the year.

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