AMD RYZEN 5: Specs, Release Date and Price

AMD RYZEN 5 processors have become a very interesting range, especially for the excellent value for money offered by models such as the RYZEN 5 1600, which for less than 240 euros offers competitive mono-core performance and great performance in multi-core Thanks to its 6 cores real and 12 threads of processing.


We have already talked about this subject before and in our analysis of the RYZEN 5 1600X and RYZEN 5 1500X we had an opportunity to see more in depth, but today we have been able to know the results of a survey conducted by 3DCenter and we wanted to analyze them, since they are Interesting.

The exact question that 3DCenter released to its readers was what they thought about the launch of this new range of AMD processors, and the answers have been such that:

  • A 83.9% considered it as something positive.
  • 4% as indifferent.
  • A 6.7% negative.

If we look at the collection of previous results we will see that a new record has been set, since the launch of the new AMD RYZEN 5 has the best evaluation since they began to carry out these surveys in 2010.

The top three best-received releases according to 3DCenter surveys are set as follows:

  • RYZEN series 5 (83.9% positive).
  • Sandy Bridge processors (75.9% positive).
  • RYZEN series 7 (74.6% positive).

I am clear that these good results that have been achieved in general the new generation of AMD have been mainly due to three processors; The RYZEN 7 1700, RYZEN 5 1600 and RYZEN 5 1400 , since they are the best value for money.

Given that this is an interesting topic, I invite you to comment and tell us in the comments what you think about the arrival of the new AMD RYZEN 5.

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