AMD RYZEN 9: Leaked Specs, Features and Price

We are in a very good time for PC enthusiasts, healthy competition has returned to the microprocessor sector thanks to the good value for money of the new generation of AMD CPUs, a situation that will not only change but will Further after the arrival of the AMD RYZEN 9.


We are talking about a new range of high-performance processors with which the firm of Sunnyvale could compete with the Skylake-X series of Intel, which will frame the next processors Extreme “the chip giant with 6-core models Threads, 8 cores-16 threads, 10 cores-20 threads and 12 cores-24 threads.

According to a new filtration, this new AMD range is identified as RYZEN 9 and will consist of a total of nine CPUs divided into 10-core, 20-core, 12-core, 24-core, 14-core, 28-core and 16-core 32-core.

However, the TDPs are a bit strange, especially considering that both Core i9 and RYZEN 9 will be made in 14 nm process and the latter will have a greater number of cores.

It is difficult to draw a completely reliable conclusion, since the manufacturing process of the RYZEN may have matured considerably and that is why they register a lower TDP despite the higher core count, but it makes this information very cautious.

On the other hand, the numbers of the AMD RYZEN 9 and the reference to the support of memory in quadruple channel with speeds of up to 3,200 MHz do not inspire us too much confidence, so it is possible that they do not end up confirming.

If everything goes according to plan AMD should announce this new range of processors which is AMD RYZEN 9 in the Computex, so we will be attentive.

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