AMD RYZEN series 2000 will be manufactured in 14 nm +, what does this mean?

During the last event of May 16, we had the opportunity to learn some of the most important keys that AMD has prepared for the future. One of them is AMD RYZEN series 2000, new generation of its processors based on the ZEN architecture.

We can confirm that AMD RYZEN series 2000 will be manufactured in the process of 14 nm +, a detail that gives us enough information about the changes that could mark against the current generation of processors AMD RYZEN 1000 series.

AMD RYZEN series 2000

The jump to a smaller manufacturing process allows to increase the number of transistors in each chip, but also facilitates the reduction of consumption and helps to improve the price reducing costs, especially when the process is mature enough and we have a good rate of Functional chips per wafer.

Important advantages as we see, however the reduction of manufacturing process in the CPU sector is something that is becoming increasingly complicated, especially as we approach the limits of silicon, so the jumps have been getting more and more.

In order to alleviate the effects of these delays in the arrival of new manufacturing processes, the main manufacturers have chosen to gradually improve their current use, a situation that has given rise to the distinctions between 14nm and 14nm + process. That “plus” indicates that it is an improved variant.

What are the benefits of the same improved process?

When you begin to use a new manufacturing process, the differences in performance are usually minimal and so is the performance and prices, because you do not start to use correctly until it has matured.

Well, maintaining the same process but introducing improvements is achieving precisely that, a maturity that allows to increase gross yield (higher CPI) and reduce costs by obtaining more fully functional chips per silicon wafer.

Applied to the AMD RYZEN series 2000, this means, in short, that these processors will offer a higher performance (it is said that about 13% more compared to the RYZEN series 1000), maintaining low consumption and attractive price. AMD RYZEN series 2000 should also maintain the AM4 platform and be compatible with current motherboards.

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