AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 16-core processor: Features and Price

As we know, AMD Ryzen Threadripper line of high-performance processors for a new TR4 platform (aka SP3r2) includes at least nine models. They should enter the market in the coming months. And the network began to appear the first information about the price of AMD innovations. First information is available about youngest model – AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 16-core processor.

AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 16-core processor

Thus, according to the source, the younger brother of the flagship Threadripper 1998 with 16 cores, support for SMT, have a frequency of 3.2-3.6 GHz and a TDP of 155 watts. The Price of AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper 16-core processor is expected to be 849 $.

Note that the model Threadripper 1998 will be deprived of support XFR technology automatically mean an increase CPU frequency above Boost values ​​at corresponding temperatures.

If this proves true, it would be a serious blow to Intel’s position – recently announced 10-core CPU Core i9-7900X is estimated at $ 999 (wholesale price). That is, saving $ 150, you can buy a processor with an additional 6 physical cores and 12 logical threads.

Of course, for the final conclusions it is too early and the comparative performance testing cannot do. However, as a relatively affordable price level definitely it integrates.

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