AMD to launch two versions of AMD Radeon RX Vega

We know that AMD plans to introduce the new AMD Radeon RX Vega in late July and early August, a graphical solution that as we know is called to become the most powerful model that the giant Sunnyvale has launched to date.

AMD Radeon RX Vega

According to the latest information, the launch of the AMD Radeon RX Vega will be produced with two different versions, one that will be based on the Vega 10 XT graphic core and another equipped with the Vega 10 Pro graphic core.

The first will have all the specifications we have already seen in the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition:

  • 4,096 shaders.
  • 256 units of texturing.
  • 64 raster units.
  • Bus of 2,048 bits and 16 GB of HBM2.

By contrast the second will use a trimmed version of the graphic core, which means that it will have:

  • 3,584 shaders.
  • 224 units of textured.
  • 64 raster units
  • 048-bit bus and 16 GB of HBM2 (there could be an 8 GB version).

The performance of the version of AMD Radeon RX Vega will be based on the Vega 10 XT core is expected to be higher than that of the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti, while the variant equipped with Vega 10 Pro should position at a level similar to that of the GTX 1080.

This means that both solutions will be designed to play in 4K resolutions, an approach that Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect of the Radeon Technologies group of AMD already pointed out at the time.

Returning to the release date the latest rumors suggest that custom versions of AMD Radeon RX Vega will also begin arriving in early August, good news as it suggests that there will be a good supply practically from the first day.

We still do not have information on possible sales prices, but as we told you, the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition had been listed from $ 1,200 in its version with air cooling, so consumer versions should cost much less.

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