AMD X470, B450 and A420 chipset with Ryzen + processor: Overview

AMD X470, B450 and A420 chipset with Ryzen + processor: Overview

An early listing allowed us to see that the AMD 400 series chipsets are already registered in PCI-SIG, something that is not strange to us since as we know that new series will accompany the launch of Ryzen + processors that is scheduled for next year.

AMD X470, B450 and A420 chipset with Ryzen + processor: Overview

Although we do not have much information about the 400 series chipsets we expect AMD to repeat this year’s strategy, so in theory, we should see a total of three chipsets grouped into high-end (X470), mid-range (B450) and low-end (A420) ).

The first would be the most complete since it would offer support for SLI and CrossFire (multi-GPU) configurations as well as overclock (the same as with solutions based on the current X370). On the other hand, the B450 chipset would support overclock, and CrossFire may be in some configurations, while the A420 would lack both functions.

With regard to Ryzen +, it is expected that its official announcement will occur sometime next March. Although we do not know its specifications, we know from AMD’s own voice that it will be a minor evolution on the first generation Ryzen and that it will work on 300 series chipset plates.

This means that although there will be a jump in the manufacturing process that will take us from 14 nm to 12 nm, we will not see important changes at the performance level. In theory, the same counting of cores that we have seen in the current series will be maintained so that the improvements will be limited to an increase in the CPI and working frequencies and greater energy efficiency.

The big change will come with Ryzen 2, the second generation of the Zen architecture that in principle will be manufactured in the 7 nm process and that should mark an important evolution regarding performance, both mononucleosis and multi-core.

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