AMD’s Ryzen AGESA Update with 4,000 MHz DDR4 Support

The Sunnyvale firm has officially announced AMD’s Ryzen AGESA update, a new set-up of its very important AM4 platform that enhances high-performance DDR4 memory support.

AMD’s Ryzen AGESA Update

In the new update, AMD’s Ryzen AGESA Update, AMD has integrated a total of 26 new parameters related to RAM, which translates as anticipated in better support of different memory kits DDR4 we can find in the market and an increase of the maximum speeds supported.

Thanks to this new version of the AGESA microcode the AM4 platform is able to support DDR4 memory with a working frequency range from 1,866 MHz to 4,000 MHz, a really good figure that places it at the same level as the platform LGA1151 from Intel.

The support of latencies has also been extended with the implementation of two dozen possible configurations, a key improvement that will allow to use without problems a greater number of DDR4 memory kits while maintaining their maximum working frequencies.

For those users who work with virtual machines we also have good news, as AMD has taken advantage of this update to improve PCI Express Access Control Services (ACS) support.

There is no doubt that AMD is doing its homework. As a result the Ryzen processors are an option increasingly attractive for both professional users and private, both from the perspective of raw performance and value.

AMD’s Ryzen AGESA Update has already been sent to the main motherboard manufacturers, so it is likely that some are already offering it in beta through their official support pages, but keep in mind that the definitive updates will not be available until mid-June.

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