Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie would be the new version of the operating system

The new version of the operating system could be Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie. Yesterday we said that next week could confirm the definitive official name of Android O, and it seems that in the same Google I/O 2017 appeared the name Oatmeal Cookie.

Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie

The official and definitive name of Android O could have already been confirmed in Google I/O 2017. It seems that in one of the conferences appeared already the name that could finally count the new version of the operating system. It would be called Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie. That is, the new version of the operating system would actually be an oatmeal cookie.

Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie

Accompanying this article you have an image where you can see precisely the reference that was made to this name in Google I/O 2017.

The third trial version of Android has already been released, and a fourth trial version would still be released before releasing the definitive version, which could arrive in August. This last test version could be presented in this month of June.

In that case, it is very possible that the definitive name of the new version of Android is also announced. In fact, last year was June 30 when it was confirmed the name that would count on Android N, and precisely the month of June is going to end now, so it could announce the official name that will count Android O. It seems, will be Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie.

Of course, this will be as long as Google is not actually going to advertise a name like Android 8.0 Oreo, And Oatmeal Cookie is just a technical name they are using for Android Or before officially launching this new version of the operating system. Be that as it may, the logical thing is that this same month will confirm the official name with which will count Android.

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