AOC Announces Portable Monitor to USB: AOC I1659fwux

In the world of technology, we have seen that every day different products are being announced by all the existing brands in the market. Here, we are discussing about one more product by AOC.

AOC has introduced a portable monitor to USB 3.0 which may be a good choice as an alternative or complementary display panel. The brand has given it name as AOC I1659fwux.

AOC I1659fwux

The portable monitor is the I1659fwux AOC, based on a 15.6-inch IPS panel with Full HD native resolution. Its maximum brightness is 220 cd / m2 and its contrast ratio is 700: 1.

Its response time of 25 milliseconds and viewing angles of 160 degrees confirm that its performance is nothing spectacular, but it compensates with other virtues, can be used horizontally and vertically with foldable support and has an ultra-thin design that allows a great portability.

The AOC i1659fwux monitor does not need power cables because it is produced through a USB 3.0 cable that also carries the video signal and has support for DisplayLink technology.

It is useful to complement a laptop, expand display panels on the desktop or use it for a basic mini-PC. Official price of AOC i1659fwux is 199 dollars but Amazon has it for sale for 149 dollars. Adjusted price for this portable monitor you can take anywhere.

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