Apple iMac 2017: Specifications, Release Date and price

The giant of Cupertino has announced on the first day of WWDC 2017, Apple iMac 2017, high performance computers that are aimed at the professional sector and that as we expected bring a major improvement in specifications.

Apple iMac 2017

At design level, we do not find changes but as they say the good goes inside. Apple has confirmed that the new iMac come with processors Kaby Lake of Intel, that is the most powerful and current solutions offered by the chip giant.

This means that in addition to the performance improvements that derive from the higher clock frequency offered by these processors will also have other important developments that operate at the GPU and memory level.

Apple iMac 2017

In this sense stands out for example the HEVC decoder with color support of 10 bits, fundamental for many of the creators of content and artists who rely on Apple’s professional teams. It has also increased the amount of RAM supported, which as we will see will be 32 GB in the models of 21.5 inches and 64 GB in the 27 inches.

In the same way the graphics units (GPUs) that mount the Apple iMac 2017 have improved considerably. Now, even the most basic 21.5-inch model mounts a powerful Intel Iris Pro 640 with 64 MB of eDRAM memory to improve bandwidth and reduce the impact of resorting to system RAM as graphics memory.

Apple iMac 2017

The performance improvement is very large, and Apple has officially commented can be up to 80% compared to the most basic graphics solutions used by the previous generation of iMacs.

As it could not be otherwise Apple will also give the option of mounting dedicated graphics cards. In the case of the models of 21.5 inches with 4K screen we speak of a Radeon RX 550 or a Radeon RX 560 of 4 GB, being latter much more powerful than we could think to the naked eye if we let ourselves be carried only by the first name.

In contrast to the 27-inch models with 5K display can mount a Radeon RX 570, a Radeon RX 575 or a Radeon RX 580. The first will have 4 GB of graphics memory GDDR5 and the last two 8 GB of GDDR5, essential to be able to safely move that huge amount of pixels.

These three graphics cards are quite powerful and meet the minimum requirements to provide a good experience in virtual reality environments, something that Apple has not wanted to waste and for this reason has shown a demo focused on Star Wars with the reality kit Virtual HTC Live. The result has been very good and as we say is not surprising, since a Radeon RX 580 considerably exceeds the minimum requirements for a good virtual reality experience.

Otherwise Apple has also confirmed the addition of a second Thunderbolt 3 port, the presence of Fusion Drive as standard on all new 27-inch iMacs and the use of higher performance SSDs.

Apple iMac 2017

In the image below we can see all the keys that define Apple iMac 2017:

  • The best screens used on a Mac to date.
  • Faster processors.
  • Increased amount of graphics memory.
  • Faster storage.
  • Thunderbolt 3.
  • New generation graphics.

Apple iMac 2017 will be available from now with the base prices that we see in the image.

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