Apple iMac Pro 2017- a computer on the car price

It is no secret that the cost of the basic version of the recently presented iMac Pro 2017, which goes on sale in December, is $ 4 999. However, it should be understood that we are talking about building no 18-core processor, 128 GB of the ECC-RAM, solid state drive 4 TB, top-end graphics cards and other powerful components.

Apple iMac Pro 2017

If present the approximate cost of Apple iMac Pro 2017 with all the “bells and whistles” that make employees ZDNet resource, you get an amount equal to the cost of the middle-class car or even a studio apartment, and even garden somewhere in the province.

Let’s start with the processor. Apple representatives did not specify which specific chipset will be used in the Apple iMac Pro 2017. However, a rough estimate analysts ZDNet took Xeon E5-2697. Its price varies depending on the number of cores: 8-core version will cost $ 419, while the sample with 18 cores – $ 2 282. Do not forget about the 75 percent mark-up for the Apple brand. Total cost is almost $ 4000.

Apple iMac Pro 2017

As for RAM, here ZDNet analysts compare the current value of the RAM memory for the iMac with a cost from Kingston and Crucial. “Brand” margin amounted to 80% fabulous. Manufacturer Crucial offers 4 x 32 GB of DDR-2666 LRDIMM for $ 1899. It remains to add a proprietary markup, and subtract $ 404 for incoming as standard iMac Pro 32 GB of RAM. As a result, we get approximately $ 2700 for 128 GB of RAM.

The next step – the video adapter. These calculations were given experts a bit more difficult because the Radeon Pro Vega has not yet acted on the open market. And because they are used to evaluate the cost of NVIDIA Titan X accelerators 6/12 GB of video memory, and then added a mark-up over 80%. Get about $ 2000.

Apple iMac Pro 2017

The last point was the SSD-memory. To assess the used Flash Drives Samsung M.2, and experts came to the conclusion that the cost 4TB SSD at $ 3600 (again, with the company’s premium).

So what we have in the end? The base model of Apple iMac Pro is for $ 4999, 18-core processor for $ 4000, RAM 128 GB for $ 2700, Pro Vega 16GB HBM2 adapter for $ 2000 and a solid-state SSD-drive to 4 TB for $ 3 600. The total amount – $ 17 299.

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