Apple iOS 11 public beta is available for everyone

Installing the operating system version for developers – a separate entertainment geeks. Fans to play with his nervous system at your own risk and put the OS test assemblies for computers and mobile devices to quickly get acquainted with a set of new features.

Apple iOS 11

Previously, users of Apple technology was not much choice, it was either a bit and try complexed assembly, or wait for the final release. But since iOS 8 in 2014, the company began to allow everyone to participate in the testing.

Presented earlier this month at WWDC 2017, Apple iOS 11 has become available in the status of a public beta. Update will affect both external improvements, and a number of features. Among the distinctive features are the following: a file manager (which was not previously in iOS), a new kind of Dock-Panel and Control Center, the modified multi-tasking mode, Drag and Drop, redesigned App Store, support for the transfer of money between users via Apple Pay, augmented reality and more. Especially this OS should interest iPad users.

It will all be available for iPhone since 5s model, iPad 2 by mini, iPad 4 and younger out of the game, and for iPod Touch sixth generation. To participate in the program of public testing enough go to the link and register in the system.

Apple iOS 11

Recall that the work of the beta versions of the OS can lead to quite a variety of consequences. Installed on the main unit especially the first test assembly is not recommended. More often than earlier versions at higher power consumption, unstable operation of applications and systems in general, a large number of small errors and omissions. If you still brave man, and potential problems you are not afraid, do not forget to regularly update the backup.

The final version of Apple iOS 11 worth waiting for the fall with the release of the new iPhone.

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