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Just couple of months ago, Apple revealed the Apple iPad Air 2 and no doubt new generation iPad Air 2 or iPad 6 is really interesting with its better design, slimmer profile to the iPad Air 2013. And, in 2015 Apple is going to repeat the history with Apple iPad Air 3 or iPad 7. The first generation Apple iPad Air was enough interesting and spectacular but Apple took the level of tablet to next generation by launching iPad Air 2 powered with new A8X chip more RAM of 2GB RAM boasting its performance. On one hand, Air 2 is making its space in the market and on other hand; there are parallel rumours for Apple iPad Air 3 or Apple iPad 7.

Apple iPad Air 3 the Revolution

Apple iPad Air 3 | iPad 6

So far, the iPad Air 2 is the thinnest in the history of iPad family. It is 6.1 mm thick, ​​even thinner than the iPhone 6 (having 6.9 mm). Of course it is thinner than its predecessor, as much as 18% due to 7.5 mm thick iPad Air. And if we talk about the Apple iPad Air 3 thickness, you can expect it to be near around 5mm. Yes, the iPad 2015 can be world’s slimmest tablet.

In terms of design, the Air iPad 3 is also going to be interesting, although present generation iPad Air 2 has pretty good built. Another good things found in iPad 2014 is Touch ID button that allows us to disable protection by simply putting up any of our fingers, provided that we have previously gone through the setup process. Touch ID also serves to unlock the purchases we make in iTunes Store and some applications. And no doubt, more advanced similar sensor would be found in upcoming Apple iPad 7. In addition, the AX8 chip with triple-core processor 1.5 GHz and 2 GB of RAM not only ensures that sufficient to run apps that are released in the next two to three years. So, if we talk about the performance of iPad Air 3, it would be like a milestone in smart devices technology. Probably, A9X chip would be much faster and efficient.

Apple iPad Air 3 Specifications and Features | Apple iPad 7 

Apple iPad Air 3 | iPad 6

True, iPad Air 2 is still thinner, with a better camera, featuring Touch ID button, with two antennas that leverage the speed 802.11ac WiFi standard and is governed by a A8X chip ensures that applications run (or the movies we watch) will not jump. However, we continue with a Retina display of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, the battery life is still the same (about ten hours, depends on what is given). But iPad Air 3 would be a full beast with amazing set of specifications.

  • 7-inch screen, 4K resolution
  • Apple A9X with Quad-core, 2GHz processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 5mm thickness
  • More advanced touch ID button
  • 4G capabilities
  • 8MP front sensor for better selfies
  • 10MP primary sensor
  • 128GB on-board memory
  • Waterproof and Dustproof

Above-mentioned Apple iPad Air 3 specifications would of course make a verdict among other tablets present in the market. Also, if Apple will add few spices as amazing features or unique specifications then no one will able to beat it.

Apple iPad Air 3 Price Range | Apple iPad 7

If we talk about the present generation iPad Air 2, 16GB version is available for 489 euros, 589 euros (64 GB) and 689 euros (128 GB), all these models with WiFi. And models with WiFi + Cellular connection will cost you 609 euros (16 GB), 709 euros (64 GB) and 809 euros (128 GB).

Yes, iPad Air 2 is a premium device and it is available at premium price too. You can’t expect the iPad Air 3 price to be lower if it carries most advanced specifications and premium looks.

Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date possibilities:

Apple iPad Air 3 | iPad 6

Each new generation of Apple iPad throwing surprises us with interesting details, although there is always a revolution. The launch of the original model of iPad Air and reformatting itself, which introduced major innovations. If we talk about Apple iPad released stats, we would observe since couple of past two years, Apple has launched iPad Air 1 and 2 in the month of October. So, don’t expect Apple iPad Air 3 release date to be earlier. But there is possibility; Apple iPad Air 3 release date might be schedule for September 2015.

The Completion:

It is very early to talk about the upcoming Apple iPad 7 or Apple iPad Air 3 as almost 10 months left for the release. But the initial rumors are pretty interesting and it would be giving the shape to our flagship that what would be special and unique. So, stay tuned with us for more updates on iPad Air 3rd generation. There is lot more to discover and find, we would update you earliest don’t forget to subscribe.

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