Apple iPhone 8 design is confirmed

Thanks to the firmware of the HomePod we have been able to confirm the design of the Apple iPhone 8, a smartphone that as we know has been the subject of a lot of rumors and that is outlined as the first model of the firm of the apple that will bet for an almost borderless finish.

Apple iPhone 8

We say almost because although an entire screen layout will be introduced we can clearly see that the edges will not have completely disappeared. For example on the top of the smartphone we have a space reserved for the speaker, the front camera and the sensors.

The icon that represents that design of the Apple iPhone 8 has been extracted from the firmware of the HomePod so it comes from an official source, with all that this entails.

In previous articles we have been able to see several renders that represent what would be the final design of the Apple iPhone 8 and in this particular news we were able to give a quite complete look, thanks to the images published by a well-known manufacturer of covers.

Apple iPhone 8

It is clear that unless surprise at the last minute Apple’s next top smartphone will follow in the footsteps of the Galaxy S8, although it is said that Apple could carry out a different approach from a technological point of view as it would lack the finish “Edge “.

Following the technological plan, the same firmware refers to a biometric identification system that would use infrared facial recognition.

We had also seen rumors pointing in this direction, although it is not yet clear whether Apple will bet on keeping this system next to the fingerprint reader or if it will end the second.

In theory it makes more sense to keep the fingerprint reader, but Apple may prefer to delete it if it is not able to integrate it on the screen of the new Apple iPhone 8.

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