Apple iPhone 8 display will beat Galaxy S8 display

Foxconn factory workers are constantly delighted us with something new and interesting in relation to the Apple iPhone 8.

After all, the whole apple technique here and going, and therefore much more likely to get information about a product directly from the manufacturer. Thus, the novelty will receive a revolutionary display, but accurate data on the Apple iPhone 8 not as the company plans to release its head-mounted display in multiple colors and trim.

Apple iPhone 8

There is evidence that wireless charging for iPhone 8, but it is more a rumor than insider, and it is believed that the manufacturer of your iMac update to a newer version. While talking about it will not, because the rumors on the rumors, but the monoblock, Apple Company is really a long time not updated. A lot of information, and all of it is too imprecise in order to draw any conclusions. We look forward to October and see.

Few sources shared resource selection of the photos, which show a potential Apple iPhone 8. According to the authors of the resource, the photos were obtained from their trusted sources in China, looks realistic and is likely to show a real iPhone 8, although they admit that it could be one of the test models, which Apple checks the convenience of a design before the start of mass production.

Apple iPhone 8

In the photo you can see a good smartphone with a metal casing, dual camera and fingerprint scanner Touch ID, located on the back panel directly below the Apple logo.

Location of the main elements coincides with siphoned away earlier drawings network Apple iPhone 8. The front side shows a display panel is almost full and no firm home button.

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