Apple iPhone 8 launch delayed

The launch of the Apple iPhone 8 could be delayed up to two months compared to Apple’s forecasts, a well -known analyst at Apple-based KGI firm Ming-Chi Kuo said in a report.

Apple iPhone 8

From last week Bloomberg, it is said that delay in the arrival of new smartphone from Apple i.e. Apple iPhone 8, the delay is there because of complications in the integrating Touch ID below the screen happened. The analyst at KGI said “The significant improvements in the hardware are being done to resolve the problem.”

Ming-Chi Kuo also quotes that the fingerprint sensor, along with the OLED screen, and the redesign of the Touch 3D, the 3D cameras or the Apple A11 chipset are to be done.

It may not seem important just two months, but in technology it’s a world. The delay from September to November can make the difference to face the big Android terminals, especially the Samsung Galaxy S8 that are sold very well in the reservation phase.

The iPhone 7s would be released on schedule, but Apple customers might not be interested in waiting for the iPhone 8 and hurting sales in the last quarter of the year, the most important in sales.

We will wait for official news about Apple iPhone 8 and will update as well. The KGI analyst has lowered sales forecasts for the new iPhones due to the limited availability of OLED panels.

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