Apple iPhone 8 may not be the first smartphone with a fingerprint in the screen

From manufacturers of smartphones for several years waiting for integration of fingerprint scanners with displays of mobile devices. At various technological exhibitions, we have repeatedly demonstrated a similar technology, but mass production no one has decided not to run it.

Apple iPhone 8

It was rumored that the first device with this option will be Galaxy Note 8, but the representatives of Samsung recently announced that a number of technical reasons, they abandoned the idea. Also, the fingerprint scanner is expected to display in the coming Apple iPhone 8, but Apple may not be the first to release a smartphone with this feature.

The network has a video demonstrating the smartphone one of the largest Chinese manufacturers – Vivo. Based on it, the company already has a working prototype of a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner on the screen.

Smartphone is made in metal housing with dual-core camera. It has a front curved at the edges of the display without any physical buttons, or any other elements. The man in the video just puts a finger on the fingerprint image on the screen and thus unlock the smartphone.

Famous Chinese analyst says that Vivo will introduce new smartphone on June 28. It is possible that this will be the same apparatus.

If we talk about Apple iPhone 8, there are regular rumors are coming in the market, sometimes it is about display or sometimes about design, in this article, we discussed about new features in the upcoming smartphone. We have to wait more for Apple iPhone 8 confirmation.

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