Apple iPhone 8 new images shows the presence of an iris scanner and no touch ID

With the approach of the official presentation of the jubilee smartphone Apple iPhone 8, the Internet is full of new information about this device. This time it will be a photo of the front panel of the allegedly smartphone iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8

The picture does not allow you to say anything about the display, but you can consider the overall design of the front panel. In the upper part there are holes for the camera and sensors. The identical holes to the left of the speaker hole are most likely intended for the iris scanner.

Apple iPhone 8

To the right of the speaker hole are two more round holes: one for the FaceTime camera lens, the second for the larger one – again for the needs of the iris scanner. Previous leakage indicated the presence of two elongated horizontal holes of the speaker, but in the picture you can consider only one such hole.

Apple iPhone 8

However, on the front panel there is no familiar round Home button with an integrated fingerprint reader. In this case, there are three possible options for integrating the fingerprint scanner: on the side face, on the back panel and directly on the display.

But the latter option is rejected by experts, at least for the iPhone of the future generation. At the same time, the opinion is expressed that Apple could completely refuse to use the fingerprint scanner in the Apple iPhone 8 in favor of the iris scanner.

After the preparation of the material, another photo was published. The Foxconn factory photographed a box with the back panels of the Apple iPhone 8. The picture was fuzzy, but still you can see the hole of the fingerprint scanner under the Apple logo on it.

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